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BIO: John Turino, Mortgage Broker

Mr. Turino began his mortgage brokering career in 1989 with Mortgage Hot-Line After studying Commerce and Economics at the University of Toronto. He quickly introduced himself to many different lenders in order to have a grasp of all types of mortgage products that he could offer to his clients. Having access to a vast array of lending products is one key advantage a broker has versus dealing with any individual bank. He took over Mortgage Hot-Line in 1991 and has been the Broker/Owner ever since.

John is dedicated and realizes the learning process as a Mortgage Broker is an on-going commitment. There is constant change in the market because of lenders entering and exiting the market, government rule changes and continual guideline alterations. Mr. Turino is committed to the Accredited Mortgage Professional Program (AMP) which obligates him to continue his mortgage education each year which enhances his professionalism and dedication to this industry. John relayed that if he had to describe two key characteristics that he is extremely proud of, it would be “the extra effort put forth in every deal to find ways in saving my clients as much money as possible and, the upfront and honest approach offered to each client. I pride myself in conducting business with honesty and integrity.”

Mr. Turino has helped and assisted literally thousands of clients over the years and with success and he looks forward to serving many more.

John Turino
Accredited Mortgage Professional (AMP)
MHL Mortgages License No. 10386

Bus: 416-267-7888
Fax: 416-264-5560