Rent to Own

It can be difficult to gain access to a mortgage if you are a newcomer to Canada, self-employed, have a bruised credit rating or history of bankruptcy / consumer proposal. If you are being turned away by the banks the Rent to Own option of buying a property could be right for you.

Rent to Own is a simple solution that will allow you to buy a home from MLS listings just the same as any other home buyer. After you get your financing approved you can move forward with looking at properties and finally owning your own home.

With Rent to Own you can qualify to buy a home that is valued at 4.5 times your household income. For example, if your total household income is 75 thousand dollars per year – you can buy a property valued at 337,500 dollars.

You still need a 5% down payment with Rent to Own if you have a bruised credit rating. If you have a good credit rating you could qualify with a 3% down payment. For example, on a 300 thousand dollar property you will need a 15 thousand dollar down payment if you have a bruised credit rating.

If you are interested in Rent to Own please feel free to fill out the form on this page.

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